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An assiduous and curious reader since my childhood, I have always written a few lines, intermittently and without a specific goal. As the 2020 pandemic put my current musical projects on hold, writing helped me find meaning in what we were going through at that time. It was first through an adventure designed as an audio fiction:A broken life, the epic journey of a young Nigerian tempted to reach Europe and its mirages.

I then won a modest competition, organized by the reading siteBabelio. It was about writing a short story on the theme of music. Mine A distant song narrated the life, passions and loves of the composer Olivier Messiaen.

My drama, le prix du désir is part of the continuity of previous works: the care of the narration and the primacy of meaning over stylistic effects.

Au Petit Happiness is one of my writings. It's a novel couting the beginning of a teeager as inspector.
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