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"Our guest is a pure scintillating note, full of harmony, tenderness and has a gift to bewitch us.”

Richard Anou .Regard et

Interested in music since adolescence, I quickly played hectic rock, haunting blues, to quickly branch off into classical guitar and composition. I have and I continue to borrow rich and inexhaustible labyrinths.

At the same time, I created a lot of soundtracks for advertising or institutional films, documentaries, animated series .... These multiple experiences allowed me to refine my approach to music, to meet people come from all walks of life, but also to have the ability to grasp different styles with mastery and open-mindedness.


In 2019, my album Acoustica marks a step in my research on the hybridization of jazz, classical and South American music, followed in the same vein by Acoustic Player in 2021. This album brings together personal compositions as well as works by Maurice Ravel and Baden Powell. Available May 26, 2023,  Love Hope & Destiny is a more electric album, retracing a rough, winding, and imaginary journey.


I use two nicknames: Acousmatic, for more enigmatic music, The Yellow Cabs, for more jazzy, lighter sounds perhaps.


I like to be in music listening to sounds from elsewhere, to discover territories that are unknown to me, to consider creation like a Renaissance artist: a moving material at the service of humanism.

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