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The podcast is a new format, a way of being your own radio producer. It's also a medium that allows you to combine speech, music, soundscapes...A Broken Life is my first foray into this new and exciting universe.

Une vie brisée

Une vie brisée

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A broken life

This is the cover of the podcast A Broken Life, counting the journey of a young migrant from Africa to Europe.

Exploration towards the unknown, " A broken life " tells in twelve episodes, the story of a young Nigerien who, leaving his native village, will try to reach Europe, a symbol for him of what he thinks he is. a better life.

His adventures will be many. He will rub shoulders with all the facets of the human soul. Violence, death, betrayal will be a frame on which love, friendship, solidarity, generosity will be superimposed.

At the end of this journey, he will understand that it is not so much the landscapes that have changed, but he, now a man of this tormented century, ready to face it with courage and dignity.


She wasn't asleep yet and smiled at him. He too smiled at her, then looked at the sky and remembered the magical names he had learned: Alpha Centauri, Andromeda... In the night, Elvira's eyes shone like two stars, two talismans set in the most beautiful galaxies.”
Fourth episode

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